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26 July 2016
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What is AIDS? book coverWhat is AIDS?
This is a book written by an African ABOUT AIDS IN AFRICA. It dispels many myths and rumours about the origination of this scourge of the 20th century and examines the 'theory' among others, that the 'green monkey' contaminated the African people with AIDS!
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The Sickle Cell Disease Patient book coverThe Sickle Cell Disease Patient
The work presented in this book is an attempt at a comprehensive statement of the natural history of the sickle cell patient as represented in Accra, Ghana. It is based upon the first 1500 consecutive patients personally observed and followed up by the author. Comments and discussions are, however, based on experience acquired between 1965 and 1977 in Ghana from active supervision of a total of over 3000 sickle cell disease patients, giving an experience value of close on 30 000 patient years.
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Duplication Negation Semantics (DNS)
Duplication Negation Semantics (DNS)

WORLD AIDS DAY – December 1, 2014
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